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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Frederick MD

Specializing in Grief/Bereavement, Anxiety and Confidence Building

Join us for Spring Fling Horse and Rider "Spruce Up Thing"
June 4, 2017 1-4pm

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New Leaf LLC has been created to provide a place of comfort and security, and to inspire adults and children of all ages to find the positive energy within themselves to help lead a more confident, optimistic, self-fulfilling journey through life.

Through the use of horses, strength is found to create independency which reinforces what we hold within. Working together with horses not only will build character but prove that anyone can do anything if they really want it. We strive to bring healing strength, and restored joy in your journey.

Sometimes we forget or don't even realize what we are capable of...

At New Leaf Acres, the positive impacts that are created through interaction with horses will encourage and influence a successful journey...creating hope for the future... no matter what path you may be on. New Leaf LLC provides a place of comfort and security using horses to remind us of the life that has been given to us...that we can push forward and live fully for ourselves to enhance our future endeavors.

Horses help us by being the mirror or window to our present patterns and responses, if unhealthy, we can be aware of them, clear them and create new healthy ways of responding to our life changes and challenges.

"I believe that for each of us there is a time and a place that we all have to look at life in a different light."

-Becky Maticic (founder)

Life's Effects on Adults

In todays world, adults are juggling so many jobs and the stresses and strains can be overwhelming. Any added emotional pain can be detrimental. We would like to not only provide a sense of peace and tranquility at New Leaf Acres, but also encourage adults to reach outside of their comfort zone and learn new things.

There is no age limit for anyone to participate in our program; from children to teens to the elderly...the emotional strength that can build in your mind, body and soul will create an independent, self-motivated, happy human being. We help you on that path or performing tasks that you could never imagine yourself doing, we are here to support your growth.

Life's Effects on Children

Growing up in today's world presents challenges that can affect a child's sense of identity and well-being. Family struggles, social or academic issues, or simply life's hard circumstances can affect our children's ability to have a positive outlook on life. We have found that time with the horse and a mentor is therapeutic and wonderful!

Most importantly, our children need to learn at a young age how to become independent and self-sufficient to reinforce the strength within them. Horses seem to not only bring out our sensitivity and nurturing side but remind us to have discipline and hold ourselves accountable.

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New Leaf LLC... always shining light on future hope!

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy using the Eagala Model Frederick MD

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